AssaultCube free Mac game


Free Mac game: AssaultCube free Mac game

First-person-shooter is set in a realistic looking environment while gameplay stays fast and arcade. It's all about team oriented multiplayer fun.

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Black Shades

Black Shades

Free Mac game: Black Shades

In this first-person shooter, a psychic bodyguard must try to protect a VIP from a horde of zombies, snipers and other would-be assassins. Stop attackers by shooting them, knocking them unconscious or disarming them. Or take the VIP out of the line of fire.

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Marathon free Mac game


Free Mac game: Marathon free Mac game

First-person shooter originally developed by Bungie is now open source with active support. This is the app that helped keep Mac gaming alive during the troubled years of the late '90s. Bungie later went on to develop Halo for Xbox.

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Nexuiz free Mac game


Free Mac game: Nexuiz free Mac game

A 3D deathmatch game uses excessive speeds and weapons to give intense, fast-paced action. Along with deathmatch, you can play team deathmatch, capture the flag and domination. Fight through the single player campaign, going through over 20 levels, or play online with a server browser.

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OpenArena free Mac game


Free Mac game: OpenArena free Mac game

A multiplayer first-person shooter based on the ioquake3 fork of the id tech 3 engine. It has many game types beyond deathmatch and a lot of characters. Due to violent and racy content, it may not be suitable for children.

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OpenLieroX free Mac game


Free Mac game: OpenLieroX free Mac game

Realtime worms shoot-em-up is backed by an active gamers community, with dozens of levels and mods for endless gaming pleasure. The game is based on a deathmatch setting, where multiple players face off in a closed level.

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Pax Britannica

Pax Britannica

Free Mac game: Pax Britannica

Up to four players can control underwater vessels, each with their own key on the keyboard. Hold down the button and release when ready to fire. Artificial intelligence does the rest.

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Sanctioned Renegades

Sanctioned Renegades

Free Mac game: Sanctioned Renegades

Multi-player first-person shooter has you and teammates going on missions against enemy combatants. Play in your web browser or download a standalone app for your Mac. The game — with no strings attached — is designed to push the limits of browser-based gaming technology.

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Sauerbraten free Mac Game


Free Mac game: Sauerbraten free Mac Game

A free multiplayer/singleplayer first-person shooter, where the aim is not to produce the features and eyecandy, but rather to allow map/geometry editing to be done dynamically in-game, to create fun gameplay and an elegant engine.

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Steel Storm

Steel Storm Episode I

Free Mac game: Steel Storm

Set off on missions in your fighter-aircraft to destroy enemies and accomplish an objective. For example, you may to retrieve a weapon and take cooling towers along the way. The game is played as a top-down side-scroller. Episode I is free, but Episode II will cost $10.

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